Good morning from the trenches everybody!

Some great things to touch on today.

Our catering page is up and active!  We have two carts as well as our truck available to cater your next gig!  Take a minute and peek at the catering tab on the site.  There you’ll find a submission form with all the pertinent information we would need.  Shoot us a submission and have Biker Jim’s roll out to your event.  Schedule early because we are running like mad men and spots fill in pretty fast for all seven days of the week.

This weeks special is a beautiful thing.  We are taking our gourmet dogs to another level!  What we have rolling is The Baaba Maal.  It’s a West African inspired Fennel sausage topped with some grilled red onions, a sweet and spicy orange maple reduction, perfectly seasoned crispy chicken skin and a touch of parsley.  You will not believe the flavors in this dog.

And for the final fun fact of the day… wait for it… wait for it… WE GOT OUR PICTURE SUBMISSION PAGE UP AND RUNNING!  Send us your pics.  I would love to say anything goes but you know… we do have families so send your pics through the “Picture It” submission form on the home page and I’ll take a look at what you have. If you can impress or shock me it’ll make it to the site.  I already have some great submissions of cute girls eating our dogs and those will be up shortly.

Come by the restaurant today and say hi.  I might just buy you a beer if you mention this post ;)


Daniel and the Restaurant Crew!


P.S.  Vids coming soon of our restaurant girls shooting a 12 gauge coach gun.  So awesome!